Luv's WildFire Wings
Luv's WildFire wings has to be one of the most easiest to make and the most flavorful wings ever! This recipe is simple and doesn't require any additional ingredients... WildFire Blend has spicy garlicky jalapeno flavor. These wings are spicy but not overbearingly hot. I could seriously eat these wings non stop!


  • 20 chicken wings or more (separated at the joint)
  • 2 - 4 oz Luv's WildFire Blend
  • Vegetable or Peanut Oil


  • STEP 1 - Pour oil in a medium deep frying pot or fryer. Heat oil to 350 degrees.
  • STEP 2 - After cleaning your wings place them in a bowl. Use a paper towel to pat the wings to get rid of some of the excess water.
  • STEP 3 - Generously sprinkle Luv's WildFire Blend on the uncooked wings. Be sure to cover the whole wing with the seasoning.
  • STEP 4 - Let the seasoned wings marinate for 2 -24 hours). Place wings in the fryer for 15 - 20 mins (make sure the oil has completely covered the wings). Occasionally stir the pot to make sure the wings do not stick together and have enough room to cook.
  • STEP 5 - After the wings are done place them on a paper towel to get rid off the excess oil. Immediately sprinkle Luv's WildFire Blend on the fully cooked wings for even more flavor...

Enjoy! Real Flavor...Real Natural...Real Luv.

Written by Luv's Kitchen Seasoning