Our Story 

Thanks to my Jamaican and British roots, flavorful cooking is something that comes naturally to me. My culinary interests began at the age of thirteen when I was mesmerized by the way I could combine specific spices to elevate the quality of an entire meal. Through my experimentation, one of my passions was revealed to me, ultimately driving me to establish this company in my adulthood.

As a busy wife and mother of five, I was pressed for time and didn’t have enough of it to pull out every spice I owned each time I cooked for my family. I quickly discovered that pre-mixing my seasonings not only saved me time, it also guaranteed precision in whatever foods I prepared. I was able to make even the blandest of fares taste extraordinary with my exclusive combinations – and kids love them, too! Simply put: I enjoy making food taste good.

I've been making my own spices for more than eight years when, suddenly, I had an epiphany. I realized that I could improve the lives of others. So, in 2018, I launched Luv’s Kitchen Seasoning, introducing my tasty, propriety spice blends to the world. Every ingredient we use has been carefully hand-chosen for quality and bold taste. Our incredible, foolproof mixes have been refined for excellence, ensuring you won’t need to add anything else from your spice rack to perfect your dish.


Why Choose Luv’s Kitchen Seasoning?

Many people are unaware that the common spices sold at any grocery store contain loads of unhealthy fillers. With Luv’s Kitchen Seasoning, you can rest assured, knowing that our blends are wholesome, healthy, and free of unnecessary and harmful ingredients. In fact, our products offer enhanced health benefits for you and your loved ones, thanks to our commitment to quality. We only use genuine, grade-A grains in our concoctions, as well as over 50 varieties of pure, pulverized spices from reliable and ethical sources.

Luv’s Kitchen Seasoning’s multiculture also transpires from my original stomping grounds in Brooklyn, New York – a melting pot of cultures that have influenced our diverse recipes. Our one and only goal is to enhance both the culinary and dining experiences with flawlessly mixed spices that ensure consistency every time you use them. You’ll love the way our products take your taste buds on a jet- setting adventure around the world without ever leaving your home. We like to call it perfection.