Caribbean Inspired Herbs and Spices.

Luv's Kitchen Seasoning simplifies the task of homecooked meals with complete spice blends! Our all-natural, premium spices are blended to perfection, and they require No additional ingredients. Luv's kitchen brings the flavors of the Islands to your kitchen!

Handcrafted. Authentic. Natural.

Complete Spice Blends.

Cook flavorful meals with our entire collection of seasoning that requires NO additional spices to make your meals as savory as you desire.

* All Natural + Vegan
* No preservatives
* No Artificial Flavor/color
* No Additives

Everyone Has A Favorite!

Cook flavorful meals made in Luv's Kitchen!

Luv's SweetFire Turkey Meatballs

Looking to add a little excitement to your dinner table? Look no further than Luv's SweetFire turkey meatballs! These delicious morsels pack a punc...

Luv’s Island Baked Salmon!

Luv's Baked Island Salmon is the easiest most tastiest way to prepare. Enjoy The Islands moderately spicy, full bodied flavor as it delivers distin...

Luv's Jerk Chicken

Jerk chicken is one of the most popular Caribbean dishes and boast a distinctive flavor profile with it's aromatic complex, sweet, smoky and earthy...

Luv's Lemon Pepper Seared Scallops

This easy recipe is the perfect way to whip up a delicious meal at home without too much effort with the help of Luv's Kitchen Seasoning simple ing...

Caribbean Inspired Herbs and Spices

✓ All Natural ✓ Plant Based ✓ No Preservatives ✓ No Artificial Flavor or color ✓ No Fillers ✓ No Additives