Caribbean Inspired Herbs and Spices.

Aromatic spices filling your home with the smell of homecooked food. Give your meal a 5 star taste with mouthwatering seasonings; Capturing flavors from around the world!

Handcrafted. Authentic. Natural.

Complete Spice Blends.

Cook flavorful meals with our entire collection of seasoning that requires NO additional spices to make your meals as savory as you desire.

* All Natural + Vegan
* No preservatives
* No Artificial Flavor/color
* No Additives

Everyone Has A Favorite!

Cook flavorful meals made in Luv's Kitchen!

Luv's Jerk Mushroom Pasta (Vegan Friendly)

Luv's Jerk Mushroom Pasta has a meaty texture thanks to portabella mushrooms; which I used as a meat substitute.  Luv's Jerk Blend flavors this cre...

Luv’s HerbFul SweetFire Ground Turkey

Ingredients Herbful Delight Blend and SweetFire Blend 1lb Ground turkey Chicken stock Oil 1 jar of traditional spaghetti sauce Instru...

Honey Garlic Chicken & Broccoli

Luv's honey garlic chicken & broccoli is made with an addictively delicious sauce - a perfect quick + easy weeknight dinner recipe!

The HerbFul Asparagus!

I don't think there's anyone who wouldn't love the herbful asparagus. I sometimes have my children make this because it's that simple and plus I want to get them use to knowing their way around the kitchen. Two simple ingredients turned this plain vegetable into everything!

Caribbean Inspired Herbs and Spices

✓ All Natural ✓ Plant Based ✓ No Preservatives ✓ No Artificial Flavor or color ✓ No Fillers ✓ No Additives