Importance of Herbs and Spices
Herbs and Spices wakes up any food but they can also do a lot to keep us well. Our bodies need certain essential dietary nutrients to meet the everyday demands of life. Herbs provide us with the most necessary component for a healthy life. People have been using the healing power of herbs and spices for centuries. Here is just a glimpse at a few incredible health benefits offered from these herbs.

Tumeric; this golden spice delivers powerful antioxidants. Studies show that it may ease inflammation, slow cancer, treat depression and other conditions.

Cayenne Pepper; this spicy spice boost your body’s metabolic rate and tames appetite.

Cinnamon; this brown spice can reduce added sugar in your diet and control blood sugar levels.

Garlic; helps lower blood pressure and boost immunity.

Oregano; this leave boast many nutrients that include vitamins K and E, calcium, iron, manganese and fiber. Oregano also help boost heart health and fight infection.

Onion; help regulate blood sugar, reduce inflammation and heal infection. Its a very good source of vitamin C, B6, folate, and potassium.

In short, not only are herbs and spices extremely flavorful and help prepare a great meal but they are healthy and beneficial your body.
Written by Luv's Kitchen Seasoning